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Let’s Talk Numbers’s exclusive partners, meaning they exclusively sell Gold Drop Shipper’s products, are seeing some staggering results. See the numbers below from one of our top earning partners!

Etsy Sales 

Walmart Sales

Amazon Sales 

Reasons for Success:

Our partners who specialize in the different categories of jewelry, we have a little something for everyone, male or female. During this last Christmas season, our partners had a steady rise across all their platforms. For example, Initial jewelry is a great niche because it is a personal gift that requires no customization. Figure these key points in when building your own shop.

So, what is stopping you? Do you have an Etsy shop, online store or even thinking about getting started? Send us your shop, we would love to look and offer any advice we can on how to transform your sales into dollars!

Why are you still dreaming of entrepreneurship instead of living entrepreneurship? Check out our website and find more information on how to begin your new life selling gold jewelry online. Contact us anytime, we are here to answer all your questions.

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